The Power of a Testimonial Ep11 with Victor Ahipene

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In this year’s New Zealand Speech Board Associations Annual Conference, Victor was invited to speak about podcasting and public speaking.

And how one could potentially utilize it in a very technologically based world.

Get some insights on the multitude of ways on how to build your own social proof and credibility when it comes to public speaking.

Speaking nation, what’s happening, and welcome to episode number 11. I’m your host, Victor. I’m super excited for you to be here and absolutely sorry that I missed last week’s episode. I know some of you were messaging me saying, Yo, vic, we haven’t seen this week’s episode. It’s because I have been super busy with some really, really exciting things, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I will give you kind of what I’ve been up to, kind of leads into today’s episode and it’s on testimonies and testimonials and how beneficial they can be for you in your business and you as a speaker and just in general from a whole range of things in regards to social proof. So I want to share with you a little bit about that and how that all came to be as I’ve just come back from New Zealand being the keynote speaker at a conference for New Zealand speech teachers.


So it was the New Zealand Speech Board Associations Annual Conference and I was brought in and spoke on a couple of core topics. One was podcasting, which I’ve had a lot of success and how they could potentially utilize that with the students coming up to kind of vary the way that public speaking is used as we’re in a very technologically based world. And it was really cool conference to be at my old speech teacher from high school. She was organizing it. And uh, yeah, it was great to kind of go full circle back to where it all began. And my second talk was about how to charge what you’re worth and how to leverage your time a little bit. And I’m probably gonna do an episode on that, uh, in the basis of what they’re talk look like because I think it’s really valuable for anybody regardless if you’re trying to build a speaking business, if you’re trying to build your own business or you’re trying to show more value in your workplace.


So I won’t delve too much into that. But one of the things was that I spoke about was how to build your own social proof and credibility. And there’s a multitude of ways to do it. But one of the ways was getting testimonials, so if you’ve had successful clients, if you’ve had students, if you’ve had a amazing collaborations with people or you’ve just been in a situation where you’ve provided a ton of value, then what you’ve got to do as simple, you’ve got to ask for the testimonial, ask for a person’s review. And I had have got some amazing ones that I know came genuinely from the heart. I mean I poured a lot of effort into these talks and I just asked at the end of my talk as anyone willing to give me a testimonial. And three of three of the ladies there will quickly put their hands up.


I plugged in my road, a lapel mic into my phone, push play. And here’s the magic to it. Ask them questions. If I was just to give a push play and say speak. The testimonials would have gone for 15, 20 seconds. Instead, I ask them three simple questions and, you know, have now have two minutes of video footage plus from each person that I can splice up into some, uh, some awesome video content in some audio content. So we’re, I ask them first ask them, what did you think of Victor’s talk? So I asked her is victor’s talks so that every time they answered this, I thought Victor’s talk was. And then I said to them, uh, what did you think about, oh, what would you say to any event? Organizers are looking for a speaker. And they went on through there and then I said, uh, yeah, what would you say to anyone looking to work with victor?


And so I got three answers out of them and they’ll really, really compelling. Uh, they were able, you know, my talk was really refreshing to hear that I’d spoken on the Monday and the Tuesday or did this after the Tuesday. And they were all really keen and willing. And the cool thing was when you were at a conference or an event, some of these people, you’re one of them was the president, I think she was the president of the New Zealand speech board of New Zealand, so you years and years of experience rubbing shoulders with the best and now talking about me in a really awesome light, but she was more than happy to do and more than happy for me to use in sheer. So how do I use it? I can put it into a video with highlights of me speaking and then different people talking fondly of me.


I can just use it and Facebook ads to promote it. I can use it as Facebook posts or LinkedIn posts. Yeah, I can use it if I’m cold emailing some people and just saying, here’s what a few other. Here’s what some people have also said. I can use it in emails from promoting any products or services to show that I am the real deal because I can talk myself up as much as possible. We all can do that, but it’s so much better if somebody else does it for us because people believe other people and it’s that know, like, and trust theory. So that’s what I’ve been up to and I’ve also been applying to be a speaker at conferences around the world for a really, really large software company that is really cool. And I and I love, uh, and I find that out and next week if I make it to the last stages, so put a huge.


That’s when I say I haven’t been able to put the time aside with everything that’s been going on. I got from the 400 applicants down to the top 50. Then I had to put together a 90 minute presentation and send that away. Ever announced had about 10 days, but I had to go off to a wedding that I was a groomsman net so I couldn’t work on it when I was away. So that was a few days of a hectic work. I got back and then I had to prepare to go back over to New Zealand. So hopefully I’ve got some cool news to share. If I make it through to the next 25 in her rubia another plane trip, uh, to the other side of the world to go and do the final kind of training in culling down, if not a I learned pretty cool, listen, uh, and, and had a pretty cool feeling.


Wasn’t so much. Listen, it was putting a 100 percent in and I know I’ve spoken to a lot of people about this since I kind of had the revelation. If I don’t get the role, if I don’t make it through to the next stage, I’m comfortable with it because it’s one of the few times where I’ve literally lift nothing on the table. A lot of the time we’ll put n a good effort but not a great effort and that it’s a cool. It’s a cool thing which I’m going to really live a lap with my speaking. I always talk about the 80 slash 20 rule. I’m, I’m really going to start with a lot more things that I do and you have to weigh out between good as good enough and getting something out there. So a lot of the time would speaking good as good enough and it’s good if you’ve got a good framework, it’s going to be a bit of the most uh, but uh, there are times where you can be a lot better than good enough and you can be great.


And I think first off to be able to do that with speaking, you need to have the framework and the confidence and the skills to be able to do well. And then as those small tweaks that take a lot more effort. But we’ll go into all of that hopefully in a bit more depth. I don’t want to talk too much about the company or the role or anything like that until I find out next week. Either way. And I will be bringing you some awesome guests coming up in the next few weeks, which I’m really excited to share with you as well as some, some insight into just me rattling off here. And it’s going to be about that second speech that I gave back in New Zealand about how to charge what you’re worth and really value yourself. So that’s kind of a bit of business slash speaking involved.


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