Finding Events To Speak At Ep16 with Victor Ahipene

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Getting a speaking gig is not easy especially in the current generation of very competitive and elite speakers. Dive in today’s episode to jumpstart your speaking career. Get ideas on where to start, who to contact, and what to do to get yourself and your crazy but impactful and meaningful ideas exposed!

Victor Ahipene: Speaking nation, what’s up? Welcome to another episode of public speaking secrets where we dive into what separates the world’s greatest speakers, trainers, and influences to allow them to share their message with more people and have a greater impact.


I’m your host, victor opinion. I’m super excited for you to be here because I want to take you through some things that I have been learning in a little bit more depth, researching myself as well to hopefully benefit obviously myself, but also all of my students and of course my awesome listeners, which are you out there, so I hope that you get some benefit out of this because what I’m going to go over briefly some of the ways that you can get on stage in front of your ideal client, your ideal audience to have that bigger impact.


I’m massively into creating a bigger impact by speaking and I think it’s one of the more powerful skills as we go into a world that going to be more automated, more technologically focused, more of our jobs are going to be lost and undisputable skill that you can have that will give you an unfair advantage over many of not only your, uh, uh, employees or the people that you work with, but also your other businesses who are in your niche or industry.


Because if you can get out there and entertain, engage, educate the people, you are going to have an unfair advantage. So without further ado, I want to jump into some of the ways that you can all chat. I just really want to touch on some of the places that you can speak offline. We won’t go into the online side of things at the moment, but from an offline side of things you’ve got and you would have heard me speak of, you’re here to any of the previous episodes. If not, jump over to Check out all of the previous episodes where I interview some awesome speakers, uh, but you’d know if you’ve listened that there’s two types of basically two types of talks that you can do. You can give a keynote presentation where you are paid to present on that stage and it generally involves not selling from the stage.


What it involves is more or less giving something that yeah, it can represent you if it’s shaped the right way and you, you highlight and identify that problem enough that you can indirectly Saudi people coming to you from delivering a high value speech at where the other one is you can present to sell. We’re often, you’re not paid to come and speak, but you will get a large percentage of the sales that you make when you do make them from stage and the event organizer for boarding the bums on seats. We’ll get a percentage as well. And I mean that can be pretty lucrative.


When you look at, say Russell Branson, who made over three and a half million dollars from a 90 minute presentation and you know, he gave half of it to the event organizer and I’m sure none of you are going to have to cough at that if you asked to give away half of your speaking earnings, but you also ended up with still well into the seven figures off the keynote side of things. We do get paid. You can also run breakout sessions and things like that, which it’s a, it, it’s going to depend on the size of the event and their budget and things like that. And it may be corporate events that you, that you run it, which again is a different kind of budget. Uh, in those breakout sessions can be, you know, 30, 60, 92 hours where you kind of get to go more into not, well in a keynote, you’re likely going to not be going as deep.


You’re probably going to go a bit wider on the why they need to be doing that or highlighting a problem. Uh, in a breakout sessions, you’ve got the potential to start delving into some of the, the how as well, so you’ve got keynote presentations, breakout sessions if you’ve got a seminars or your sales presentations, and then you obviously you’ve got the opportunity to be in front of people in the media or on podcasts and things like that.


That’s obviously, podcasts aren’t necessarily live, a few of them are, but those are some of the ways that you can get in touch with people offline. But that’s all well and good people. And you know, this is a question that I’ve asked a lot of guests as well as how did you get started in a particular industry, whether it was keynote presentations or was it, uh, you know, talking to corporates or presenting in corporate events, uh, speaking at small businesses in this. There’s some, there’s some really cool.


So if we break down the areas that you could start to target, because obviously all of you out there potentially speak to different audiences, different industries, and you’ve got different target market. So if we look at that, you’ve got your corporate organizations are, you got your associations are small businesses and entrepreneurs, you’ve got the education sector and that it can be education and colleges in education at a tertiary level at universities or um, or polytechnic industries or community colleges depending on where you are in the world.


Uh, and then there’s also something that I heard about which is faith based. So depending on if your, if your religious or follow any type of sick or any, any type of religion, you may be able to speak to those different audiences as well. And you know, there may be a faith based business. People will face both. I know one of my mentors, he’s a, he’s quite religious and he recently spoke about it to, to an organization, a sorry to, I think it was Christians about the thoughts towards money and he’s become very, very successful through property. And um, yeah, he was able to speak to them and it’s not necessarily something he’s out there pursuing, but you can kind of see how there’s a, a good synergy between the two of them. What I want to touch on today is kind of the, so the big EU country, obviously the more opportunities you have got, I mean if you’re in Australia and new, find an association there potentially got like a one in each state.


If you’re in the US, you’ve got like 50 plus states that you could potentially. So by tapping into one of these, it can also if you do a good job, work as a referral network for each particular state, particularly if the population is there and that it can also lead into international gigs and things like that. So I want to delve into just the corporate in a bit of the association side of it on where you can go to start finding these places and we’ll go into and to follow up sessions on how you can best put your best foot forward. And this is what I showed my students on how you can get in front of the right decision maker with the right things to make it a more likely to be a yes. And so first off, I’d go out and just have a look at these websites and we’ll link them in the show [email protected].


First one is all and what you’ll see here is it’s got conferences by category and so this is, it’s all around the world. I think it’s more predominantly North America, but still all around the world. You’ve got arts, business, computers, consumers, education, family medicine, geographical health, more medical news, nursing, recreation, Reference Science Society, uh, and also showcase, showcase as over 100,000 conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, Expos in seminar. So you can narrow this down to country. A few like, uh, but remember some of these do have big budgets and if you are a captivating speaker, you’ve got something awesome to speak on a, then I would potentially look at that. So we’ve got, you know, business is 25,000, 697 conferences that you can potentially start narrowing down from if you’re an education is 4,422 a. If you’re in science 21,449. All of these are looking for speakers, they’re are looking for people, right?


You experts and authorities who can add value to their conference event. You do that. And the other cool thing that you’re going to get on the flip side of it is there’s potentially, yeah, if you go to a business expo, there might be people from different, uh, different companies who are the decision makers who then start up the conversation, we’ll follow you up afterwards wanting you to come and train or teach or a consult at the company. So it’s kind of this, that’s awesome.


You one door opens and then 10 more doors open through the power of leverage. And this is why, again, I love public speaking, is because you can be put in front of an audience of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 people and you get to share the same message in a really time effective and powerful manner. So all, most of these have got some of them.


I’ve got a free trial, most of them have got some costs associated, but depending on how serious you are into your public speaking, uh, you know, the costs will hopefully been negligible if you can get even one or two events under your belt and then you got to think of the flow on a fix that I just spoke about. You’ve got association execs Dot Com, uh, and this is Xis. The website says x. it’s not only the most up to date records on meeting planners, but also 125,000 association executives in 20,000 associations in over 450 association management firms. And this is got a free trial so you can jump onto here and start having a look at a new prospects and connecting with people who again, knowing the right process and what things to put in front of them can, can be very, very helpful. Uh, is another one which is quite similar.


It’s a, I’d say it’s a book selling secrets dot Com. It’s got directory of meeting planners, a events and planning associations. If you Google that you’ll be able to get a bit more insight and some, some more links, which uh, awesome. It shows you ones that will go. So if you put books, selling secrets Dot Com and search directory of meeting planners and event planners association, you will be able to get a really, really cool article on that. And then there’s join meeting professionals. That’s MPI. We’re [inaudible] dot org and similar thing. It’s got a meeting professionals organization 90 plus chapters and clubs, 60,000 plus global community, 17,000 engaged members and over 26 billion in buying decisions controlled by the NBI member. So you can either be a planet, a supplier, which most of us will be a supplier or student and faculty. And again, this has got uh, so it’s more in the career space, but very, very cool.


I’ve been looking through these websites and uh, I’m looking through the US at the moment. Then I’m going to start looking through similar stuff in Australia and New Zealand and hopefully put together a nice little portfolio of sites that people can connect with. If you want to be on that list when I do have it finished, then I will send it out to my exclusive mailing list. You can join that over at, and so I hope that has been somewhat eye opening to you about where do I go, where do I start looking, what do I do? Um, and those are just a few of the resources in it’s already given you probably 200,000 plus potential opportunities for you to put your message in front of  and expand your business, expand your reach, have a bigger, greater impact. So jump over public speaking to check out all the resources, look forward to catching up with you all.


Next week might be a bit of an update episode and we’ll see how we are going on, what I’ve been doing behind the scenes. It’s all been pretty exciting and it’s just kind of rolling out now. So in the meantime, don’t forget one last thing, jump over to I think we all know what the addresses and search speaker nation you can join our private free community full of other aspiring public speakers just like yourself. And I look forward to seeing you in the end. Hopefully joining you on your journey.