Public Speaking Secrets
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Steve Gallegos, a Reinvention Expert, Executive Coach and Trainer, International Keynote Speaker, Entertainer, and award-winning Author from Dallas TX.  

Steve works with high performing individuals to help them develop self-mastery, communication-mastery, and relationship-mastery, which he believes are the 3 must-have skills for success and fulfillment in every area of your life.  

He is a former U.S. Marine, Law Enforcement Officer, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, and published Commercial Photographer. He is a contributing Author to “Public Speaking Tips From the Pro’s,” an Amazon bestseller, and creator of “Speak to Win,” a training program to help business owners and entrepreneurs gain more clients, contracts, and commissions. 

 Steve travels the world guiding others to grow and prosper so that we may all contribute to society at a much higher level, and I am very excited that he is here with us today!