Reverse Engineer Your Speaking Success Ep19 with Victor Ahipene

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Along with a new year comes everyone’s hopes and dreams. Get the year right by planning how you can achieve your goals. In this episode, let’s talk about getting your blueprints and gears ready to go one step closer to the awesome and impactful public speaker you desire to become!

Speaking nation, what’s happening? Welcome to another episode of the public speaking secrets podcast. I’m your host, Victor. He Penny, super excited to be along here with you in 2019. I hope everyone’s head and awesome. Start to the year. It’s, uh, it’s been old. God. I had a week off over Christmas and then have been back on the grind for one particular reason and we’re going to talk about that shortly, but I heard a very cool video the other day. I’m a basketball fan for some of you that know me and I was listening to an interview with a guy by the name of Janice and I’m not going to attend those last name because I will get it wrong. Uh, he’s called the Greek freak, but he was talking about going to train with Kobe Bryant, who’s one of the greatest basketball players of all time, uh, in the summertime in the off season to learn some stuff with them.


And one of the things I see is what Kobe teach you. And I thought this is, there’s been a couple of times that things that Kobe has said that I’ve listened to have been very poignant, not just for basketball or sports or even life, but in particular for public speaking. Let me explain. He said, be like a kid. He said, you got to be like a kid and that’s to first off think outside the square. Kids will see three stones on the ground and turn them into dinosaurs and they can play dinosaurs. Uh, but they can also, they also are obviously constantly trying to enjoy themselves and be entertained. And that’s what we lose track of when we’re in the day to day grind of everything. We don’t sit back and go, what do I enjoy doing? What can I do? But the other thing is they are constantly learning.


And this is something that over the last few years I have been trying to learn, literally try and learn something new every day. I’m always listening to a book or listening to podcasts like these. I’m listening to different courses and trainings and reading blog posts and doing different things to try and make myself continually learn because here’s the thing, I’ve heard it constantly, time and time again, and we’re getting to how this connects to public speaking, but one of the, the research out there that shows that adults are actually better at learning new languages than children and some of you would have heard from different people, oh yeah, I’d love to learn Spanish or I’d love to learn Japanese, but yeah, I’m so old. It’s a lot easier when you’re younger and you’re your kid and they pick things up quicker. Uh, the research is actually showing that, you know, those kids who are struggling to walk around and struggling to string a sentence together, they don’t actually pick up and grasp the concepts of languages anywhere near as easily as what we do, but they’re continually learning because it makes their life easier.


Okay. Sometimes you have to go through the hard things to make life get a little bit easier. And the exact same thing happens with public speaking. We get to a certain point, a certain age where a lot of us go, hold that person’s bitter at us than I am, or I’m just not that good at it and what that leads to, what that leads to is we put it in the too hard basket. We stopped trying to learn. We stop trying to improve. You might’ve heard me use the analogy about riding a bicycle. None of us start off riding a bicycle really well. We have training wheels or we just use your legs to start off with. We learn how to steer and we jump onto a tricycle and then maybe you progressed to a a bicycle with training wheels. Then eventually onto a bike and then so on and so forth, and some of us end up his tour de France or Olympic riders and some of us just ride around Felicia, but we’ve all got different skill levels, but we all go through that transition.


The exact same thing happens with public speaking. It’s a learned skill. You’ve just got to learn the best way to go about it and that is what my goal and aim is. So my challenge, my first challenge for you for 2019 is be like a kid consistently be thinking outside of the box and challenging yourself to learn something new every day. Start trying to find out what you don’t know and then you can start plugging those gaps and figure out either who knows it, how you can learn it off them or what you need to do to improve at those areas that you are weaker at. The next thing I want to talk to you about, a very cliché for this time of year, but it’s a good a time as any to sit up some new goals for what your aims are for 2019 and I’m going to go through mine just from a public side of things to keep myself accountable and also to be able to look back in a year’s time ago, Hey, what’s happened?


How did things go with it? I go, well, the widow and not go so well and try and reverse engineer and mitigate those sorts of things. So what my goals are, and this is an a speaking round, is my aim is to help a thousand people this year. Okay. Across different mediums, through live trainings, online trainings, through my, my public speaking secrets book, which I’ve just had the, uh, the hard copy delivered. And if you actually want a hard copy, give me a. I’m going to have it all sorted out soon. If you just want to pay the shipping, I will ship you a copy absolutely free. Just give me an email it, victor, it passive income And when that’s all organized and ready to send out, I will get that off to you. But with my goals, I want to transition. I’ve got a lot of my online content in training and things all set out, which I’ve done over the last probably year or two, which is basically distilled in, put on 18 years of learning and to an online platform.


We’re, I want to take that now is kind of combining my public speaking skills and training alongside my things that I’ve learned through maybe my previous podcast and businesses that are front and a pitching, presenting those sorts of things. What I want to do is go into corporate organizations and running corporate training events. I’ve done this for people on an individual basis and I know that it will be something that I could scale and have a huge effect and accompany a be able to being able to close more deals to get in front of more of the ideal prospects and clients and have confident speakers who present their business, whether that be the CEO, a manager all the way down to new level staff. But having been able to have more people as a billboard and a banner promoting the business and front of more people as an, as a massive leverage.


So that’s something that I’m aiming to do. And if I was to reverse engineer it, I want by the end of the year to have two months where I have to, uh, to consistent months where I have two presentations a month to corporate organizations where you’ve got to understand this is a bit of a social proofs that needs to be built up. So, uh, have been working on a lot of that is the outreach, this, the going back and forth, finding days at work. It’s not like I’m going to get to in the next week. Uh, so there’s a lot of things that have been working on and sit up in the background. And so in the first half of this year, I’m working with a previous guest I had on an old podcast who has scaled businesses and had eight figure exit, some of them and consults to a lot of, lot of really good companies.


And he’s giving me some insights on how I can sit this up to scale. So eventually what I’d love to do is have trainers that I train. And that way my influences even bigger at the moment where I have to do is further dive into that market research eventually by midyear have one per month coming in and then over the next six months scale that up. Once I’ve got that scaled in my local area, I can then look to start training some trainers and have the sales process and the getting of the clients more fine-tuned the systems on what big businesses are finding beneficial. I’m doing all the market testing and getting all the research. Then I can actually fine tune what I’m going to send these trainers out to train. Fast forward another year. After that. I’d ideally like other trainers in other industries outside of kind of the public speaking and communication, whether that be sales or digital marketing or leadership, those sorts of things that we can offer a full package.


So if one of our speakers or one of our trainers goes into an organization, we obviously provide an awesome service. Everyone enjoys it and then we can start offering other areas of value that are going to benefit this business as well. So rather than trying to find more clients, we can offer more clients, more products and everyone has a win-win situation when you have a good product. So what does that mean for me? It means that my. Within probably the time that you’re listening to this, a lot of my online stuff, we’ll be ready to launch and be tested and that will take less of my time so more of my time can be put into building these relationships with corporate organizations in going from there. So yeah, we’re in January now looking towards February, having some of these conversations started March. Some of these talks locked in and then building them up throughout the year.


So hopefully what I’d like you to do, and actually one of my other, my other goals is I’ve got some one on one students that I’m working with and part of that is once I’ve got their keynote presentations organized or they’ve got their talks and their confidence built up through one on one training, I’m then going to create a team that we get them booked onto podcasts and booked at speaking events and it’s something that is going to help build their credibility, get their brand or their business in front of more people and get them to be able to spread their message on it even more powerful note. And that’s something else that I’ve been working on. And the cool thing is it will just evolve as my growth. Would these students evolve? So as when they are ready, then I’ll be able to roll out those different things.


And so with that we’re talking about, you know, getting people booked on podcasts and speaking events. How many speaking events do you want to speak at this year? What type of talks do you want to give? How many podcasts do you want to feature on what sort of boardroom presentations or pitches do you want to be a part of or leading or what percent do you want to be closing? I want you to reverse engineer or there and start looking in where your strengths are, where your weaknesses are, trying to find out and ask other people where your blind spots are, your weaknesses might be. Find those people who are successful in what you’re currently doing. See if you can ask them some questions to find out what separates them from everybody else. If you can reverse engineer that, then you will be on track to be able to sit some timely goals where you can smash 29, 10 out of the park, but being able to tick off those smaller goals in the interim to make sure that you achieve that bigger one.


Alright team, so if you would like a copy of my public speaking secrets book, be sure to give me an email, [email protected] and once it’s already descend out, I will get that out to you. I hope that you take the time to, and yeah, even email me as well as what your speaking goals are. I’ll keep you accountable and if you’d like, this was spontaneous, but if you would like a 30 minute clarity call to work through what your goals are and how you can achieve them, uh, the first three people to get ahold of me off the back of this podcast. Once they’ve listened, oh, we’ll block out 30 minutes and we will have a cit. So Start Twenty 19 with a bang. And as always, keep living life on your own terms and I look forward to seeing you in our next episode of public speaking secrets. You can find this plus a ton of other training that I have built up over the last [email protected] And thanks again for listening.