Public Speaking Secrets
How To Become An Authority To Land More Speaking Opportunities in Your Niche
What is an expert or authority

Too often we are scared to call ourselves an expert or authority in a matter.

The more confident you are in being ‘The expert’ the more others will believe it when you are speaking.

I find it helpful to reframe your mindset around it by applying the 80/20 rule.

That is what areas of life do you think you would know more than 8/10 people walking down the road.

Take a Doctor or Physio for example. People come to see them for their EXPERTISE….but when asked if they are an expert often they shy away from the term.

They think of the top 1% of people in their industry as experts. Even though they know more about their profession than likely 99% of the population who aren’t qualified.

Sure you can become an expert of the experts but if you wait for that you are potentially doing a disservice to those out there that you can benefit with your current level of skills.

I am not saying fake it and position yourself in something you have no right being in. Just don’t ever undersell yourself.

This idea is no different if you are a business owner, coach, digital marketer or employee.

Today’s episode will answer the question ‘How do I become an authority in my industry‘, I will show you some ways to position yourself as the go-to authority and expert with ease.


Victor Ahipene:    Speaking nation, what is happening? Welcome to another episode of the public speaking secrets podcast. I am your host, Victor Ahipene, and today it is just me and you getting intimate because what I want to talk to you about is an important aspect that a lot of people looking to grow themselves as speakers to get more speaking gigs and to create more opportunities for themselves. Forget they think that if they just improve their public speaking skills that that will be enough and what you have to factor in as what other things do you have that it can allow you to position yourself and to allow you to build or authority and credibility and we’re going to touch on some of the ones that I think are really important and that you can quite easily do overtime. So the first things you have to think about is if there are you and somebody else who is talking or speaking or have qualifications or expertise in a particular area, why would they choose you over somebody else?

A few of you have the same qualifications, the same level of expertise in that particular space, or you both do the same role whether they’d be like, say a life coach or an accountant or an athlete who’s won a gold medal. What would differentiate you from the other people? Hopefully, if it’s achievements that you have one of fuel, Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world and you’ve won multiple gold medals, there’s gonna set you apart from people just from your achievements. But if you’re, say an accountant that may not separate you from the bunch because there’s diamond doesn’t accountants is diamond, doesn’t accountant owners and it’s more of a qualification in my opinion. Then in achievement and so that can make you an expert on that subject matter, but it doesn’t necessarily make you an authority. So let’s look at ways that you can create some of their authority within your particular industry or niche.

And obviously that’s what a lot of you’re looking to do with speaking as to build further authority, but often to create an open some of the doors you have to have some of this authority. So there’s a little drill that I like to work on. That drill is how would you like to be introduced onto stage? Just imagine you’re speaking at a your ideal event that someone’s hosting. I’ve invited you along and they’re about to invite you onto stage. Are they just going to say, you are an accountant who graduated from the University of Sydney and you have gone on to start your own firm and you’ve worked in this industry for 10 years. How could you make that sound more appealing, more enticing, and how could you do that in a quick fashion? So let’s look at the first one. And this is one that is massively underutilized in my opinion, as it can quite easily be done in its media in something that massively changed my mindset towards getting media attention is a book called trust me I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday

who’s a New York Times bestseller and we’re actually going to delve deeper into getting media exposure to boost your business credibility. You’re speaking credibility and getting you in front of more people and creating more opportunities. Because as I said, it’s one of the big goals of this podcast and what Ryan talks about in his book. Trust me, I’m lying, which you should definitely check out. This book talks about is how he’s used the media manipulation skills to get businesses of his own and once that he’s worked for like American apparel and into the media and viral and what he talks about is trading up the chain. So creating a piece of content that you can link out to first a lower level bloggers in smaller news agencies and then that gets picked up by the larger ones and then you can leak it to those ones.

And then the bigger ones. And bigger ones and you know, one of my friends use this to get from a local newspaper and small blog onto BBC world within the space of a week and it blew up his but went to number one and multiple different countries. And so this is something that’s really powerful from a speaking point of view because you can harness some, some niche of what you teach, what you talk about, the message that you’re trying to get into an article that they can be then picked up and spat out by all these different media agencies because they are always looking for content. And once you’ve got your media prisons that something that you can often refer back to. And what I mean by that is when I’m talking about getting how you’re getting introduced onto stage, if they can say, hey, this is Victor and he’s been featured in the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Inc, Forbes.

Whether they be online or not. This straightaway boosts your authority and makes people more likely to listen to you when you speak upon us. When you get up onto the stage and you start speaking to them. On the flip side, if you’re comparing, going back to that apple versus apple comparison. If you go, back to the accountant. So if you’ve got to accountants and one of them has featured in all those other media outlets and one of them’s been featured in none, it’s going to start to have an internal bias and you’re going to sway to the one that has more of the social proof out there. The same goes if two of you apply to speak at an event, somebody who has more of the markers of social proof is more likely to get put a hit.

Of course, there are other, other circumstances that person may have spoken, but let’s say if we’re just comparing apples to apples, you can put one step forward. You can have the same qualifications, but you can be more media savvy. The next thing, and again, we’re going to get experts on all of these to go a lot deeper as you can create a book and you can make it an Amazon number one bestseller and we’ll talk about that and how it can be a really good leverage to send out to event organizers to send to companies to send to people that you want to do JV partners with because it shows that you have the expertise that you’re confident and willing enough to put into a book and it’s. You know, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. I’ve put out two books and then you can get them self published so you can order 100 of them and write personalized messages to particular people.

Seeing them there and it’s an awesome cold or lukewarm way of getting in front of people and getting past that first gatekeeper because everyone’s happy to have a book. It’s not this really intrusive thing. It’s not making you do anything straight off the bat, and even if they don’t read it, they’re going to say, hey, this person is a subject matter expert in this particular niche because they’ve written a book on it in it’s potentially become a best seller, which again isn’t that difficult to do if done well, but providing you create good content for your book. That’s the secondary thing because if they do end up reading it, they get hooked. They’re more likely to hire or bring upon your services, so you’re. Imagine you’re now getting introduced onto the stage is you know Joe Bloggs, who’s been featured in business insider, Huffington Post, Inc, Forbes, BBC World in their bestselling author, and then where do we go from there and podcast host of public speaking secrets podcast or for my previous one youngpreneurs podcast, and that allows you again, allows you to connect with all these awesome influences.

You see all the guests that I am getting on. I’m getting to create these friendships in and tap into the knowledge. Tap into the networks, give me exposure. By having this podcast as well as giving myself social proof, people go, well, he’s got a book and put on public speaking. He’s done a lot of public speaking and he also has a podcast. Then you know, the podcast is obviously the primarily to help your audience in, to get the exposure to you that you have a solution that may be able to help them in, for a lot of those people that may be a free solution. And then some are going to take you up on a higher, higher level option because they think that you’ve got some value to offer. But again, if you have a top ranking or if you can, you know, have the number one podcast in your particular niche or just by being the host and you can throw in different things.

You know, we interviewed over 50, over a hundred, over 200, over a thousand different, so and so’s. Or He’s talked to the leading experts in a particular niche, including the likes of say, for my youngpreneurs podcast that went to number one in six different countries on Itunes, new and noteworthy. And I was lucky enough to speak to some of the world’s most inspiring and the 35-year-old entrepreneurs as well as some other big headers by the likes of Grant Cardone, the $400,000,000 man. And then, of course, you’ve got your achievements if you have entered competitions and won awards if you’ve been the fastest-growing company if you’re in a Forbes, fastest 1000 or 500 company, all those different things that are markers of social proof. So you might’ve worked for a new head of marketing,  like one of the guests Nick Bowditch talk about it.

He was head of marketing for facebook and twitter in Australasia and was the first person to and the only person to have worked for both Facebook and Twitter. So there is just social proof in itself from the achievement that he had of working for them. So if we take this a step back, you know, there are other things that tend to come off the back of that year. I gave a TEDx talk and got invited to speak after an event off the back of my podcast in speaking engagements and having a book. They all kind of culminated to a put, throwing enough white flags out there to show somebody that, hey, let’s have a look at him and see if he’s at worth having him to speak it out so they don’t also always necessarily work individually. They may be a culmination of all of those things, but when I’m getting introduced on the stage, it’s ‘our next speaker is a TEDx speaker, and he here’s a number one bestselling author of Public Speaking Secrets and the Authority Handbook is also the host of the number one ranking podcast Youngpreneurs and the amazing public speaking secrets podcast where he interviews the world’s leading speakers and trainers on what separates them and makes them different.

Then we can chuck in some awards and qualifications and things like that and all of that before I’ve even walked onto stage, has put me on a pedestal of people saying, this is why I should listen to this person and it’s not me talking about it. It’s the host or the MC or. Occasionally it can be. You can use it to social proof and we’ll talk about that in the later sessions to help how to sell from the stage, how to social proof yourself from the stage, how to sell from webinars and online, but hopefully that gives you a really good kind of overview of the different things you can do. You can, you can use the media, you can create a book and a podcast and you can get speaking gigs and again, you can use the media to repromote those so that it’s kind of like this ecosystem that you go into and you tap into to try and boost your own credibility.

So what you have to understand is you don’t necessarily have to start knowing more to be bitter. No one. You have to just figure out how to get in front of your ideal audience and be that this micro Influencer or the mess of influencer in your space. So I hope you have got some value out of that.

Our next episode, we have another amazing guest and I looked. I know you are all going to be in for a treat and you’re going to get it a lot of benefits no matter where you are in your speaking journey, but in the meantime, guys, keep getting out there. Keep getting in front of people and keep getting your message out there and making an impact.